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Meet the faculty and staff behind the SHIFT Project.


Dr. Evelyn Chiang

Professor of Psychology

Dr. Evelyn Chiang is a Psychology professor at UNC Asheville...


Kenneth Michaud

Production and Lab Manager

Kenneth Kaiser Michaud is a UNCA alum, now employed by the university as the Lab Manager for New Media and PR/Marketing Admin Assistant...


Lei Han

Professor of New Media

Lei Han is an Asian American. She was born and raised in Mainland China and came to the United States in 2000...

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Peter Lewis

Senior Research Associate


Meet the student team behind the SHIFT Project.


Dr. Chiang's Students

Gillian Chiang

Student Research Assistant

Gillian Chiang (she/her) is a senior at UNCA majoring in psychology and  minoring in neuroscience.

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Saiesh Faisal

Student Research Assistant

Saiesh "Sai" Faisal (he/him) is a senior double majoring in psychology and sociology at UNCA.

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Diana Aguilar Robles

Student Research Assistant

Diana Aguilar Robles (she/her) is a first generation senior at UNCA with an associates degree in fine arts in visual arts...

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Kayla Hammonds

Student Research Assistant

Kayla Hammonds is a soon to be graduate from UNCA with a major in New Media. Their concentrations include video art and interactive media.


Rebecca Massing

Student Research Assistant

Rebecca Massing is currently a sophomore who is a visiting student this semester at UNCA. She is majoring in psychology and deciding to get a minor in Chinese and environmental studies.


Adrienne Buck

Student Research Assistant

Adrienne is a nontraditional student at UNCA, majoring in Psychology. She plans to get her MSW after graduating from UNCA and enter the field of clinical psychology.


Alex Agnas

Student Research Assistant

Alex Agnas is a first-generation Filipino American, majoring in accounting and graduating in 2027.


Bryce Yang

Student Research Assistant

Bryce Yang (he/him) is a first-year student at UNC Asheville. He is a second-generation Half-Chinese Half-White pursuing a master’s in computer science through the NC State 2+2 Dual Enrollment Program.


Allie Cangemi

Student Research Assistant

Allie Cangemi (she/her) is a junior majoring in psychology with minors in neuroscience and anthropology.


Wyvern Mason

Student Research Assistant

Wyvern (They/Them) is a senior at UNC Asheville who is pursuing a degree in psychology.


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Ian O'Brien

Student Research Assistant

Ian is a senior at UNCA and NC native. He grew up in central NC near Chapel Hill before enrolling at UNC Asheville in 2019. Initially a student in the Mass Communications department...

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Iman Huertas

Student Research Assistant


Student Research Assistant

Carolyn Britsch

Carolyn Britsch(she/her) is a sophomore who recently joined our New Media department. Carolyn loves art and is in New Media to explore some of the many ways to use her art for activism and marketing. 


Student Research Assistant

Camden DeBord

Camden DeBord (he/him) is a senior at UNC Asheville. He is majoring in New Media with a focus in animation. 

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